The Chess Players Forum has been founded to give a voice to the chess players of India for their own welfare and rights, as well as duties. We wish to see all the chess players of the country to stand united as a collective force and be vocal about their opinions and concerns. This website aims to be is a digital meeting place for the chess players of India.

Our future objectives are:

To protect the interest of chess players of India

To promote and organise events, training programmes, and other chess activities

To get affiliated with national and international sporting bodies

To connect with chess clubs, academies, organising units and other like-minded organisations to support and promote them

To connect with the broader chess fraternity of organisers, coaches, arbiters and support staff to support and help them flourish

To promote chess in the field of Education, and connect with academic institutions for research on connection with learning of the game and academic excellence

To pursue all our objectives under Social and Charitable causes