About Us

Welcome to a new chapter in the History of Indian Chess! The Chess Players Forum has been founded to give a voice to the chess players of India for their own welfare and rights, as well as duties. We are be a democratic and transparent organisation to empower chess players to play a part in their own destinies and in the growth of the game. The Forum aims to present the chess players’ voice to the governing bodies of the game as well as to the Government of India, and to liaise with them on various issues involving chess players.

The Forum has been founded by some of the prominent players of the country, who have achieved distinction as players, coaches, administrators and organisers. The Founder Members are IM Varugeese Koshy, GM Dibyendu Barua, IM V.Saravanan, WGM Swati Ghate, GM Abhijit Kunte, IM Neeraj Mishra and IM (Correspondence) N.R.Anil Kumar We are registered at Pune, Maharashtra as an Association, as well as under the Income Tax department, thus under the ambit of legal and financial laws.

The founding office-bearers have initiated the Forum, and we welcome all of the Indian Chess fraternity to join us making our organisation vibrant and strong, representing all levels of chess players! There will be democratically held elections for the body between Three to Six months of its initial registration, when fresh office-bearers will be elected by a defined voting process.

We have ambitions to get affiliated with national and international sports / chess bodies and thus work for the growth of the game. We have formed the bye-laws of the Forum aiming to embrace all sections of the chess fraternity. Aiming to be transparent right from the start, we plan to publish all our functionings regularly at our website.

We sincerely appeal to all the chess players of India to join hands with us and make Chess Players Forum a strong and relevant organisation, giving voice to the most important component of the game – the Chess Player! We hereby pledge that our only agenda in founding the Forum is to protect the rights of chess players and work towards their welfare. We shall stay neutral without bias towards any organisation or individual, remain a positive force staying committed to our core ideology, and thus be a torch-bearer of chess development in the country.